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Guitar Encyclopedia

Jim Gleason's library of reference books, authored in the 1990's is still relevant today and makes a good supplement to his new Guitar Improv course.

Encyclopedia Of Chord Fingering

This book teaches you how to construct your own chord fingerings. So you can incorporate various chord structures in your rhythm, harmony, and melodic lines, adding depth and complexity to your playing (and turning the heads of listeners as well). Over 3,000 unique fingerings are shown in “C”, transposed to all keys, that provides over 64,000 chord fingerings.    (380 pages)

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Encyclopedia Of Scales

You may think that 7,000 scale fingerings is a lot. And, it is! But, they occur in logical sets that you can learn as families.  Once your start learning some of these different scale fingerings and how to use them, your guitar playing potential will expand greatly. This book includes in-depth instruction on fretboard theory, principles of fingering, using scales to improvise and compose. Each of the scales in the Encyclopedia is played on the audio recordings .  A special section teaches the master patterns that are the basis of all scales.  (352 pages)

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Encyclopedia Of Licks

Learn over 2,000 licks and how to use them. This book provides detailed analysis of the melodic examples and the chord progressions they can be used upon. It also provides the tools to practice scales and arpeggios in a melodic context. Whether you play Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, or Country, this book will greatly enhance your development... and it's fun! Learn just a few of them at a time and you’ll start adding to your repertoire immensely. The licks are organized into four sets by content:

(1) pentatonic scales common to Rock, Blues and Country, (2) exotic Progressive and Jazz pentatonic scales, (3) seven-tone scales for Progressive and Jazz and (4) arpeggio turnarounds for Jazz, Jazzy Blues and other styles.   (348 pages  audio available below)

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links to audio for Encyclopedia Of Licks: